Why There Will Be No Revolution

by Dr. Gary North

Secession is better than revolution.~Ed.

I recently read an article on the Left-wing website in Great Britain, The Guardian. This has been the most consistently Left-wing publication in Great Britain. It was part of the organized Left as early as the 1920′s, and it has never varied in the slightest.

The author interviewed a former American spy. The spy is a very well read man. But he cannot think straight. He is a super Leftist. He talks about “the commons.” He does not like private property. He sees all of capitalism as an attempt to take away from the commons and privatize wealth. But there never was a state-free commons. The commons was always a state agency. Throughout men’s history, when there is common land, it is run by an agency that possesses political power. It possesses the power of coercion. Every time you see the word “commons,” think “commissars.” You don’t have commons without commissars.

This man is singing the same old song that he sang in his youth. He says there’s going to be a revolution. No, there isn’t. He says that the open source technology will create the revolution. No, it won’t.

The essence of revolution is centralized power. Engels knew this early, and reminded us of it for years. There is nothing more centralizing than a revolution. Every revolution in history has moved towards the centralization of power, including the American Revolution. This ex-spy, singing the songs of his youth, says that we are right at the edge of a revolution.

We are at the edge of a non-revolution.

What we’re seeing is decentralization. We are seeing the breakup of the equivalent of the Roman Empire. There was no revolution against the Roman Empire. It simply disintegrated. The medieval world was a time of enormous decentralization.

In the 17th century, there were attempts to start revolutions. The Puritan revolution in England was one of them. It was a revolt against the centralized power of the King, but it was done in the name of the centralized power of the Parliament. It wound up with a military dictator, Oliver Cromwell: 1649-1659. He was replaced by a new king in 1660. But the Parliament continued to centralize its power, and the Glorious Revolution of 1688 and 1689 stripped much of the power of the King, but it did not reduce government power; it simply transferred it to Parliament. Parliament adopted a theory of parliamentary sovereignty second to none in the history of tyranny. It claimed, and it still claims, that it has final sovereignty over all aspects of British life. There was no written constitution to restrain it. There was only the common law to restrain it. That was something important, but the centralization continued. It continues today.

With massive decentralization, there comes, not revolution, but secession. I don’t mean secession like the secession of the American South, which was just another way to centralize power in the South. The governor of Georgia, Joe Brown, saw that one for what it was. It was just another group of armed revolutionaries seeking to centralize power in the region they wanted to control. It was a replay of the American Revolution, as they argued.

Revolutions mean the centralization of power. Until conservatives figure this out, they are not going to understand what is going on, and what has been going on for the past 500 years. Revolutions centralize power. In order to fight centralized power militarily, you must centralize power, and this only leads to a shift of loyalty to a new group of centralists. We are slow learners.

We are not going to see an extension of the commons; we are going to see an extension of private property. The private enclosures of the commons were crucial for the establishment of English liberty. This is a war against the federal state. It is a war against centralized power. It is a war against the bureaucrats telling us what to do with our property.

You don’t need a revolution to escape the system. You need secession. You need a withdrawal of support for the existing systems. You need to revoke the legitimacy which you extended to these organizations. You need to do it, and everybody else needs to do it. Nobody organizes this. People just learn, scandal by scandal, bureaucratic snafu by bureaucratic snafu, that the system is irreparable. It cannot be reformed. It must not be captured. It must be de-funded. The secret of liberty is not revolution; the secret of liberty is to de-fund the existing centralized order.

The secret of monetary stability and sound money is not to capture the Federal Reserve System. The secret is to pass a very simple law which abolishes the Federal Reserve System. The law revokes the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The secret is not monetary sovereignty by Congress; the secret is monetary sovereignty in the free market social order.

The secret of better education is not capturing the public school system. The secret of better education is to go online, cut the cost of education, decentralize the entire process, and put parents in control of their families’ educational programs. But conservatives learn slowly. They always want to capture the liberal system, because they have a better plan to make it work. That was what the Bolsheviks did with the Czar’s bureaucracy. That was what the French revolutionaries did with Louis XVI’s bureaucracy. That was what the American revolutionaries did with George III’s bureaucracy. That is what the South would have done, if it had won. Gov. Brown saw this, and he resisted it.

The open source revolution is going to decentralize more of the world. Decentralization is not going to lead to revolution. Decentralization is going to lead to secession. I mean secession in Gandhi’s way. I mean the withdrawal of support. You don’t take up arms against the state; you simply refuse to cooperate with the state. You make it more expensive for the state to tyrannize you.

There is no Yugoslavia anymore. There is no Soviet Union anymore. This is the wave of the future. The statists and would-be statists keep looking for the great revolution. Just like Marx, they see it on all sides. Well, it never came. The communist revolution came where it didn’t belong, according to Marxist theory: the rural Empire of Russia. The urban proletariat didn’t pull off the revolution; a bunch of alienated intellectuals and bank robbers did.

What are we are going to see is the withdrawal of support from central regimes. The revolutions in the Arab world did not decentralize anything. It just re-centralized with another group of tyrants running the show. It is nice to see existing tyrants embarrassed. It is nice to see them overthrown, at least from a distance. But it doesn’t change anything. Egypt is just what it was under Mubarak. It is a military dictatorship. The revolution didn’t do anything.

Revolutionaries have to have a centralized agenda. Either it’s open, or it isn’t. But there is always a centralized agenda with every revolutionary movement. Every revolutionary always thinks his revolution is going to be the last one. Every revolutionary thinks that when he gets in control of the hierarchical chain of command, things are going to be different. Yes, they will be different. There will be a different set of looters skimming off the productivity of the victims.

Until conservatives stop dreaming about capturing existing hierarchical systems of power, nothing is going to change.

There is no centralized agenda that is likely ever to come out of a decentralized communication system. This is the digital Balkans. It is not Yugoslavia.

Facebook is decentralizing the world. It has Balkanized the world. This will continue.

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Memorial Day 2014: How About A New Meaning?

Memorial Day

by Russell D. Longcore

(Editor’s Note: I wrote this originally for Memorial Day 2009, and this update is more true today.)

The Memorial Day 2014 weekend is upon us. Many will use this weekend as the first short vacation of summer. Picnics, boating, traveling, family gatherings, and dedication to enjoyable activities are the rule this weekend.

But Memorial Day is meant to honor the men and women who died in military service to the United States of America. Formerly known as “Decoration Day,” it was first established in 1868 to decorate the graves of the Civil War (War of Northern Aggression) dead. When I was a child in the 1960s it was STILL called “Decoration Day.”

This weekend, there will be memorial services and parades across America in town squares, churches and at cemeteries. Flowers will be strewn and American flags will be unfurled in grand display. Politicians will walk the route, and military veterans will don old uniforms and walk with them. Twenty-one gun salutes and taps will echo among the headstones. Impassioned speeches will be delivered to patriotic crowds on the goodness of America and the honor and bravery of the fallen soldiers and sailors.

And Americans will be remembering all the wrong things.

How about a Memorial Day reality check?

Memorial Day

Those who fought and died (over 364,000) in Lincoln’s Army died invading another sovereign nation, the Confederate States of America. The CSA, who lost over 139,000 soldiers, was defending itself from the aggression of a foreign nation. It would have been no different morally if the Northern Army would have invaded Canada. So, Northern mourners should remember the shame of the North, not just that their loved ones died in battle. And Southerners should forever laud their sons who valiantly died in an attempt to thwart a foreign invasion and protect their homeland. (As an aside…looks to me like the Southern boys were far better shots than the Yankees. The numbers above show the South at a nearly 3:1 advantage in killing Yankees.)

The 3,500-plus military personnel who fought and died in the Spanish-American War of 1898 died invading Cuba and the Philippines against Spain. Last time I checked, neither country was a state of the Union and did not require defense from a foreign aggressor. The war was perpetrated by the McKinley Administration and an expansionist Congress, assisted by Theodore Roosevelt and fomented by propaganda in the Hearst newspapers.

The American war dead of World War I (1914-1918), numbering over 116,000, died fighting a war between European nations, ruled by Royal cousins. America had absolutely no business becoming involved, but as George Washington predicted, our treaty obligations dragged us into war.

World War II (1941-1945) devoured over 407,000 American military personnel. President Franklin D. Roosevelt baited the Japanese into attacking us, and after they did, Congress (in its last constitutional act of war) declared war. FDR was itching to get into the war, and got his way. Once again, treaties and war-hungry politicians cost this nation its sons and daughters. And FDR’s slobbering, Quisling favoritism toward Stalin helped create the USSR.

The “police action” in Korea (1950-1953) started by the United Nations cost America over 54,000 military deaths. A cease fire was negotiated in 1953 which continues to this day. No constitutionally-declared war. No defense of American borders.

The Vietnam War (1958-1975) cost over 58,000 American lives. No declared war, no Vietcong in American streets trying to take over our nation. Finally some Americans protest a war! The US military gets its ass whooped and runs for home.

On 24 April, 1980, President Jimmy Carter sent a strike force into Iran to rescue the 52 American hostages held by Iran since 4 November 1979. The mission was a complete cluster fornication, and 8 men died.

In 1983 President Ronald Reagan sent 1,200 troops into Lebanon as “peace-keepers.” 220 Marines and 9 other servicemen are now resting in peace. No constitutionally-declared war. No constitutional justification.

In April 1986, President Ronald Reagan ordered air strikes in Libya against President Mohammar Ghadhafi. Ghadhafi lived…2 American airmen died.

The invasion of Grenada (October to December, 1983) cost 19 American lives. 10,000 American troops joined forces with about 300 terrifying shock troops from Caribbean islands like Antigua, St. Kitts, Dominica and Saint Lucia to liberate Grenada. Yes, that last sentence was sarcasm. The struggle led to the deposition and execution of Grenada’s Prime Minister Maurice Bishop. Anyone find a declaration of war or reason for America’s involvement….anyone? Anyone?

On May 12, 1987, the frigate USS Stark was attacked by an Iraqi missile while in the Persian Gulf. Thirty five sailors died in the blast. The Persian Gulf is not the territorial waters of the USA, is it?

Panama was invaded by US military forces on December 20, 1989 under the order of President George H.W. Bush. Twenty four American military personnel died in the invasion. Bush said that protecting 35,000 Americans in Panama was cause for the invasion, as well as “defending democracy and human rights” in Panama. General Manuel Noriega was captured and tried on drug charges, ending up in a Miami prison.

Gulf War I (8-90 to 2-91) costs another 378 deaths as the USA protects its oil interests in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. None of the other neighbors of Iraq consider this worth a fight without the arm-twisting of President George H.W. Bush, especially since Kuwait formerly belonged to Iraq. Our Congress passes “resolutions” subordinating their constitutional authority to declare war to Bush, and he took it seriously. Still, no defense of America was involved here.

The Bosnian War (1992-1995) was prosecuted by President Bill Clinton in conjunction with the United Nations. He sent over 20,000 troops to Bosnia, and there were no official American casualties. Still, where is the declaration of war? Why are our troops deployed outside of the United States? Were the Serbs attacking Cleveland?

In 1993, American military personnel were in Somalia, where the Battle of Mogadishu cost 18 dead, 73 wounded. George HW Bush got some wild-assed idea that the Somali civil war was America’s business. Bush’s troops got their asses handed to them by a bunch of kids with AK-47s.

In September 1994, President Bill Clinton sent US troops into Haiti to restore the regime of ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristede. It cost 4 American lives.

The USS Cole was docked at the port of Aden, Yemen, on 12 October 2000 when it was attacked by suicide bombers. Seventeen sailors died in the incident. The Gulf of Aden is not part of the territorial waters of the USA, is it?

War in Iraq and Afghanistan (2001-present) was started on a web of lies by President George W. Bush and his minions. It continues bolstered by more lies. Once again, no constitutional declaration of war, no honorable reason for our military to be in either country has ever been found. And now, the current president who vowed to end the war in his first campaign, has kept it going and added drone strikes into Pakistan. The current president also now has an official assassination list that he uses regularly, killing both foreigners and America citizens who he doesn’t like. So far, over 6,648 military personnel have been killed and far in excess of 50,000 have been wounded. The totals are actually much higher, since the Defense Department does not count combat deaths that occur after a wounded soldier leaves Iraq or Afghanistan, or the hundreds of suicides of both active duty and veteran personnel. They also do not count the deaths of the so-called “Military Contractors,” the huge army of mercenaries that Washington has hired to do its dirty business. Nobody is placing flags and wreaths on the graves of the mercs.

Now here in May 2014, we learn that US Military personnel are strewn about the continent of Africa in deployments nobody is talking about. And Washington is fomenting trouble in Ukraine against our their old nemesis Russia. And a new Marine Expeditionary Force base has been established on the north shore of Australia. Marines In Australia

I may have missed some obscure deployment of troops in that history lesson. But I think the message rings loud and clear. In case you may have missed the overwhelming ringing sound, here is what it means.

Except for the Congressional Declaration of War in 1941, which started our involvement in WWII, no other military action since the CSA defense of 1861 has been a lawful use of military force. And, when you consider that America had no business fighting in WWII, our involvement should be considered immoral.

So, over 1,147,000 American sons and daughters have fought and died in military actions that should be considered both immoral and unlawful.

Please do not misunderstand me here. I do not suggest that the surviving families of dead military personnel should not mourn the loss of their sons and daughters. Surely the loss of a child, husband, father, mother, friend or loved one should be mourned.

I am not diminishing the courage, bravery, sacrifice or valor of the dead. I do not minimize their love of country, love of liberty and sense of duty.

What I am saying is that the REASONS that they died do not stand scrutiny. The REASONS they were deployed outside our shores were illegitimate and founded in lies. The REASONS for ALL military action, save the defensive actions of the Confederate States of America, were in fact illegal, immoral and unlawful.

The dead and maimed were deceived into military service, where politicians used their feelings of patriotism and trust as weapons against them, and their bodies as cannon fodder.

I do not hold the dead entirely at fault. Did they not come from our own homes, churches and schools, where this false sense of patriotism was taught from the cradle onward? We who are alive and remain are the ones most guilty. We did not teach our children how to discern truth from lies. We failed to teach them to question ALL authority. We neglected to infuse in them a love for individual liberty and love for the rule of law. Instead, our nation is sick with jingoism and rancid nationalism.

Therefore, here in the Memorial Day weekend of 2014, may we at long last accept the tragic truth that more than a million of our children gave their lives as sacrificial lambs on the blood-soaked altar of the God of the State? May we finally accept that additional hundreds of thousands were maimed and disabled on the same altar? And what of the thousands who killed themselves after serving the State? Did they end their lives because they were so proud of their deeds?

Truly, they did not die to protect the American homeland. They did not die to protect our freedoms. They did not die defending “the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic”…words found in their Oath of Service.

They died in vain. They died for nothing.

That is what we should mourn this weekend.

PS: If you are at a public gathering this weekend and you see a Wounded Warrior, ask him specifically “What exactly did you lose your limbs for?” Then listen.

memorial day

DumpDC. Six Letters That Will Change History.

Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.

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Question Obedience And Not Authority

by William Buppert

Editor’s Note: I think you should question BOTH.

Here is the link to Bill’s fine article.

Question Obedience And Not Authority

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Patriot Games and The Upcoming Unpleasantness

by Russell D. Longcore

Patriot Games has a new meaning. I’ve been watching the goings-on in Nevada regarding the Bundy/BLM clash. I have a few observations about how those in the Patriot movement should comport themselves regarding interaction with the .gov and .mil personnel. These observations do not come from a hitch in any military. They come from my own common sense. I freely and openly welcome any correction from my friends in the Patriot Movement.


Citizens Stand Firm

1. Be much more discreet.

Camo uniforms are fine…if you are in the woods or desert. But camo worn around populations draws attention to you. If you own camo because you are a hunter, fine. Everything in its place at the proper time. But showing up for a pro-gun rally at the State Capitol in your camo BDUs is showing off, and maybe it’s your ego talking when it should be shutting up. Are you trying to show someone that you’re Barney Badass? Better to be not noticed at all. When you’re around other people, don’t you think it would be better to be in street clothing? Is it easier to conceal yourself in a crowd when you look like a member of the crowd, or when you’re in camo? Also, get used to wearing a big hat and sunglasses most of the time. Facial recognition software is pretty good these days. Some of the stuff you see in movies really happens.

Most of the photos I saw of the militia members in Nevada showed men in cowboy attire on horseback. They looked like normal people for their area, not storm troopers. The Afghans who kicked America’s ass for 15 years wore the same things in battle that they wore every other day. They also wore the same stuff when they kicked the Soviet Union’s ass. Fourth Generation Warfare will be best accomplished by warriors in street clothes. The bad people send out bunches of uniformed storm troopers as a PsyOp, with the intent of intimidation and generating fear. Don’t buy it. When the Patriots are dressed in street clothes and the government types are in uniform, it sure make it easier to identify who your enemy is, doesn’t it?


Which Would A Sniper Shoot First?

2. Owning Weapons.

Consider your firearms inventory. Did you make your purchases at your friendly local gun shop or sporting goods store? If you bought your firearms from a dealer, then the bad people know what weapons you own, don’t they? Makes confiscation much easier. If I were you, I would sell ALL of the guns that I had purchased through FFL dealers. Then I would replace those firearms with those I bought from private individual owners. I would pay cash. I would not ask for nor accept a receipt. If it were possible, I would not even divulge my identity to the seller. I would let my cash do the talking. Last time I checked, it was still legal to make a private purchase of a firearm in most states without a FFL dealer being involved. Check with your own state to be sure.

By the way, there are LOTS of resources on the Internet about how to build AR-15s and AK-47s without buying FFL lowers. You could build your own completely anonymous rifles with readily-available parts and a good machine shop. Once again, check your state statutes to see if it’s legal to own unregistered firearms in your state. But I’m thinking that the kind of person who builds their own battle rifles may not be all that concerned about state statutes.

I love cool guns as much as the next firearms enthusiast. I have owned exotic weapons. But not any more. Exotic weapons that break in the field become very expensive clubs.

Think about the battlefield. What is the most popular rifle in the USA? The AR-15, chambered in .223/5.56 NATO. Another very popular rifle is the AK-47, chambered in 7.62×39. For long distance shooting, the .308 caliber bolt-action rifle is very popular. Seems to me that if both sides are carrying the same weapons, then interchangeability of parts and ammo would be desirable. I don’t like the AR-15, but my personal opinion of the AR-15 platform has nothing to do with this bit of common sense. It is most practical for you to own what most everybody else is carrying. And the simpler the platform, the better off you are. That is why I like bolt-action rifles. Less tiny parts to break, rugged and dependable. Simple firearms are not as sexy as exotic firearms, but keep in mind your reason for owning firearms in the first place. Rifles are not supposed to be penis extensions…they are machine tools. Reliability is more important that anything else. Widely-available ammo and parts are king.


AR-15 Rifle

3. Communications

Every electronic form of communication today is subject to surveillance. So you HAVE TO KNOW that the .gov and .mil people are likely monitoring your communications. They even have the ability to point a parabolic microphone at you inside a building and listen to your conversations. They will be even more aggressive about this since the Bundy/BLM incident. The Washington politicians and the DC bureaucrats are already starting to call Patriots “domestic terrorists.” Doesn’t take a Mensa member to figure out that the DC crowd is getting more froggy. Remember that the Washington bunch bought a BILLION rounds of ammo back a couple years ago. They didn’t do that just for laughs.

Forget privacy on phone calls. The bad guys can literally snatch your cell phone signal out of the air and listen in. And recent news stories told us that ALL the mobile phone service providers are letting the governments snoopers have access to your phone calls. And remember that your mobile phone service provider has the ability to turn your phone on and use it as a listening device without your knowledge. Thwarting strategy? Leave your cell phone in the car when you are having a conversation with another person. Or pull the battery out of it…if you can. Sorry, iPhone users. You’re just fucked.

I have seen Patriot writers say that you should switch to Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), an encrypted email service, to protect yourself from prying eyes. But Symantec, the company that produced the Norton Antivirus program, bought PGP in 2010. Nothing could convince me that Symantec doesn’t have back doors for the NSA into PGP for “national security” purposes. Therefore, I conclude that nothing but your lips near my ear is truly secure communications.

You might consider using the TOR browser, which is supposed to be super-encrypted. But you still are trusting somebody else with your security. Could be a bad idea. Ask the owner of the Silk Road website. Oh, wait. He’s in jail.

4. Patriot…Shut the fuck up.

Control your tongue. Don’t tell people what you’re thinking. Don’t disclose your plans. Don’t tell people about your firearms inventory. The less you say, the better.

5. Be EXTREMELY WARY of strangers and people new to you. Certainly, many of your neighbors will be glad to rat you out in the Coming Unpleasantness. But expect infiltration of your Patriot groups by government people.

6. The inevitable collapse of the US Dollar.


Dollar Demise

I started writing about this five years ago. Today, it is coming to pass. The Central Banks of over 40 nations have made deals with China to settle debts in the Yuan. The most prominent Central Bank in Europe, the German Bundesbank, just inked this deal also. The European Union’s very life relies upon the German economy. What Germany does will determine what the EU does. But the most important thing to understand is that the Chinese Yuan will be backed by gold. For the first time in over 40 years, a nation’s currency will be backed by REAL MONEY…GOLD. The Chinese are willing to do what Washington was not willing to do, which is to protect the value of their money. At some point soon, the nations of the world will stop buying US debt and will pivot toward China. When the world does not need the Dollar anymore, its value will evaporate literally overnight. Those nations will accept the catastrophic losses as the US bonds dissolve in value. But the new banking system with gold-backed Chinese money will prevail, the mega-banks of the West will go “bankrupt”, and the Yuan will be the new World Reserve Currency. The 21st Century is the China Century…if they don’t screw with the gold-backed Yuan.

Get out of ALL paper investments RIGHT NOW. Take the penalties for early withdrawal. Take the hit on interest. Pay the income taxes. Cash out. Your ONLY focus right now should be LIQUIDITY. Look around your house for stuff you can turn into cash. Get your dollar-denominated wealth into gold and silver…PHYSICAL gold and silver that you keep in a big safe at your home. Take advantage of the dumbass Western bankers who are keeping gold and silver prices suppressed. Be at least as smart as China and India…they are buying up all the gold and silver they can find at these articifially-low prices. Keep 1-2 month’s worth of US Dollars in cash, but only in denominations of $20 or less. Mark my words. You will see a day in which American merchants will refuse to accept US Dollars in payment for goods and services.

Conclusion: USE YOUR HEAD. Remain calm. Don’t react…respond. Blend in…nails that pop up get hammered back down. Keep quiet. Trust almost no one. Be wary. This is going to get much more interesting before it settles down. And before it settles down, more than one American state will secede from the USA. I’m looking forward to it.

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Pickle Boy Steps Up for Crimea

Dill, Sweet, or Kosher?

by Fred Reed


Fred Reed

Now, about this Crimea thing: What I figure is, the top part of the Feddle Gummint got dropped on its head when it was little, and the rest is just asleep, or might as well be. We look to be ruled by a bus-station of dumb-ass rich brats in a constant state of martial priapism. I can’t understand it. Out of three hundred million Americans, and lots of them went to school and can pretty much read, we get a slick minor pol out of Chicago for President and Pickle-Boy Kerry for Secretary of State, God knows why. Before that, we had Hillary, former First Housewife. Even God couldn’t explain that. And they throw their weight around just like they had some.

Fred Reed

Ketchup King

Now Obama’s threatening Russia about the Crimea. He may know where it is. I admit the possibility. We live in a strange world, and unexpected things can happen. What I can’t see is, why he thinks the Ukraine is Washington’s business. Last I heard, the Crimea was hung off into the Black Sea by the Isthmus of Perekop, like a hornet’s nest from a peach tree.

Why do we care about it? I guess if it gets to be part of Russia, Arkansas is next to go.

Maybe it moved, though. Continental drift is a reality. It could be anywhere by now, maybe in the Gulf of Mexico. And even if it ain’t, I guess we need a war with Russia over a place that’s none of our business. I mean, I don’t see how we can get along without one.

Now, about being dropped on their heads: Pickle Boy has said of the Crimea, “You don’t just, in the 21st century, behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on a completely trumped-up pretext.” I reckon he hasn’t heard of Iraq either. The world is full of countries, and it’s hard to keep track of which ones you’ve wrecked.

I have a strategy. If we want to do those Russian rascals in, bring’em lower than dirt, we ought to arrange to have the American public elect their government. You know, on some kind of contract. Then they’d be ruled, like us, by a nursery full of pansies, milquetoasts, ethno-picks, growly feather-weights, diesel dykes, and sorry rich kids who never got into a school-yard fight. Russia would never recover.

We won’t either.

One thing you learn in the school yard is never call a tougher kid’s bluff. It might not be a bluff. Uh-oh. This Putin guy, I hear they call him Vlad the Hammer: I bet there’s a reason. And Pickle Boy looks to me like a bug on an anvil. It’s Little Lord Fauntleroy calling out Mike Tyson deep in the ‘hood where Mommy can’t help.

I see that Genghis Obama has sent a destroyer, the closest he can come I guess to a Golden Horde, to the Black Sea, grrr, woof. It’s going to conduct military exercises—push-ups, maybe. Now, that’s going to frighten Vlad. I guess a sense of humor is a good thing in a president. Maybe he can amuse Putin to death. I mean, by all the gods and little catfish, what does he think a tiny irritating boat like that is going to do…torpedo the Crimea? It doesn’t float, Barack. It’s stuck to the bottom. You can’t sink it.

To put it simply enough that even the hair-salon Napoleons in the Yankee Capital might be able to understand, but most likely won’t, don’t make threats that the other guy knows you can’t follow through on. This idea is called “brains,” or sometimes “self-preservation.” Them days is gone when Washington could send the bathtub toys pretty much anywhere in the world and everybody would fall on his face and say, “Yassuh, bwana, yassuh.” Any third-grader in a country school in Georgia can see how things stand: Pickle Boy and the Jellyfish can (1) start a shooting war with Russia, or (2) back down and get laughed at by the whole world. Ain’t any other choices that I can see. God save us from little men with big egos and no judgment.

Now, I read a lot of history. It’s because I don’t have to spend all my time getting elected and posing for cameras and lying. A patch of history I’ve always liked is World War One. It teaches you how to get into a big war that doesn’t turn out like you think which is what usually happens in wars.

You start by getting a toy president, or amateur Kaiser, who doesn’t know squat but you can’t tell him because that’s disloyal or, depending, racist. Besides, he can have you shot. Then you let the military get the upper hand—von Tirpitz, von Schlieffen, von Petraeus, von Hagel, they’re all the same. It helps if the amateur president or Kaiser wants to be a Wahhhhh! President or Kriegs Kaiser. You know how short men act. It would be less trouble to buy them a codpiece.

Then you surround him with incompetent toadies like von Bulow or Pickle Boy. Then you tell the public about German Exceptionalism and how God meant for Germany to rule and civilize the world and everybody hates Germany because it’s so wonderful so we need a bigger and bigger army. It works every time. It helps to tell people there’s a Serb under everybody’s bed, or an a Brit, or a commie or a Islamist or terrorist or something. Pretty much anything will do. I figure it must get crowded under those beds.

The final part is to get yourself in trouble by having damn-fool mutual-defense treaties. You tell half the world that if anybody attacks anybody else, you are gonna jump in. Now the Kaiser had his own list of these traps. But Pickle Boy and the Obama Squad labor under the accreted load from years before. So Washington has to defend Japan, Estonia, Korea, the Philippines, Georgia (bof’em), most all of Europe, Ukraine, and lots of other places nobody ever heard of or wants to.

It just might be smarter to let the rest of the world settle its own problems.

I’d like to set these milli-Talleyrands and micro-Metternichs down and see whether they know anything at all about, say, Russia. I mean, like where it came from, how it got to be what it is, and what it wants, and why it acts the way it does. I don’t mean hard questions, like what did Oleg nail to the gates of Constantinople. Could Relish Man tell me who Denikin, Kolchak, and Wrangel were? What was the NEP? Just simple Russian history. I’ll bet good money they wouldn’t have the tiniest underfed clue. But they can bark from under the sofa.

A wise old newspaper editor once told me: “A burro is an ass. A burrow is a hole in the ground. A reporter should know the difference.” Now, I wonder why that thought just came to mind.

I remember what my Uncle Hant told Burnside before the battle of Fredericksburg: “Jinral, if you got the brains of a goddamed retarded piss-ant, you won’t try to cross that river under all them guns.” You couldn’t take Hant anywhere in polite company. But he had a point.

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Poverty in Retirement: Can You Ever Afford To Retire?

by Russell D. Longcore

Poverty in retirement looms in your future if you are over age 40. With the traditional retirement age at 65, you are staring an unpleasant old age in the face.


You might not like what you are seeing. And you are right to be frightened.

Let’s look at all the ways that the deck is stacked against you having a comfortable retirement…or a retirement at all.

1. Boom and bust cycles.

During the last thirty years, there have been at least four different economic bubbles that popped; The Savings & Loan crash of the early 1980s, which led to the Black Monday stock market bubble and crash in 1987, The Dot Com bubble and crash from 1997-2000, and the real estate bubble and crash of 2006. The next crash will be the Dollar collapse because Washington is printing trillions of fiat dollars and flooding the world with them.

In each bubble and crash, investors lost countless trillions of dollars in wealth. And for the Baby Boomers, those born after 1946, those years between 1980 and 2006 were our premium earning years. We cannot get them back and start over.

2. Inflation is KILLING the value of the dollar.

There is only ONE source for inflation and that is when governments print too much money. Over the past eight years, Washington has printed trillions of dollars and flooded the world with them. The inevitable hyperinflation is just around the corner because Washington cannot stop printing the money.

3. The Recession is KILLING Pensions and Investments.

Interest rates and the returns on investment inside securities are between 0.25% and about 5% on average. Your results may vary. But when inflation is assumed year to year at 3-4%, where is your investment gain? Answer? There is no gain.

Recently the PBS show “Frontline” produced a program entitled “The Retirement Gamble,” in which they showed how the investment companies and financial planners are preying upon unsuspecting investors, and how impossible it is to save wisely for retirement. You can watch this very disturbing documentary by clicking on The Retirement Gamble.

John Bogle is quoted in the documentary. He is the Founder of The Vanguard Group, one of the world’s largest mutual fund companies. Here is his quote about present and future rates of return:

“The best they can really hope for is a 5 percent return unless some wonderful, attractive scenario for the future unfolds, which is really unimaginable. If anything, it’s going to be worse.”

4. Obamacare took over the healthcare industry in 2014.

Employers nationwide are cutting their workforces drastically, opting for part-time workers for whom the employer doesn’t have to pay benefits. And who is the worker most likely to get fired? A young kid at the bottom of the earning scale, or a seasoned worker in the top tier of earnings? The unemployment lines are filled with gray hair.

5. The Government is messing with Social Security and Medicare.

No Retirees can be sure that their benefits won’t be cut. So you cannot rely on any of the monthly benefit calculations you’ve seen sofar. And when Washington makes more cuts in benefits, you will be powerless to stop it. IN 2013, the Social Security payments began to exceed the tax income from payroll deductions and self-employed contributions. How much longer will Washington be able to pay when their “checking account” is overdrawn?


The “Baby Boomers” Begin To Retire

According to the US census, 76 million babies were born in the years 1946 to 1964. That means that the first-year babies of 1946 began to turn 65 in 2011. That also means that, on average, about 10,000 people will hit age 65 EVERY DAY until the year 2029. By 2020, there will be over 54 Million people over 65.

How about people who WANT to retire, but their investments lost value? They may be looking at working many more years…if their health allows it. Their dream of an enjoyable retirement has been crushed.

When they were young people they were told, “Get a good job at a good company. Work there all your career, take your pension and retire.”

That is the way it USED to work. But between the time we started working as kids just out of high school or college and today, THE WORLD CHANGED.

We did the right thing. We invested in stuff that the investment brokers and financial planners told us was safe. But it wasn’t safe. Four major economic crashes in thirty years stole our future retirement dreams.

And we can’t just start over. We don’t have enough years left, even if returns were at historic highs…which they aren’t. Returns are at historic lows. For most people over age 45, even if they saved 100% of their earnings between now and when they WANT to retire, it would not be enough to make up what they lost.


When their 401K plans lost huge percentages of their value, the income that those retirees banked on for their retirement evaporated.

So you see them as the greeter at Walmart, working at Home Depot, bagging groceries at the Kroger or behind the counter at Burger King. They have to get a job to make ends meet. That is, if their health permits it. But what you don’t see is that seniors taking those jobs that the kids used to get is making youth unemployment rise as young people can’t find jobs. That means that the very people that the Seniors are supposed to count on for their Social Security “contributions” aren’t contributing.

And how about the Seniors that have health issues that affect their ability to work and earn? How will they take care of themselves after their pensions and Social Security payments shrink? Maybe a better question is…WHO is going to take care of them?

So far, the future looks extremely bleak. But be of good cheer! Because I bring glad tidings of great joy to you today!

There is a solution that can overcome ALL the problems we have discussed so far. And you don’t have to get a second or third job, and you don’t have to even leave the comfort of your own home.

The solution is a FlexKom Customer Loyalty Business!!

Let me introduce you to the Principle of Equivalent Assets.

Simply put…if you have a business that throws off income each month, the business income is equivalent to investment income.

Let’s set up an example to show you an Equivalent Asset.

Let’s say that your 401k shrank by $250,000. You lost $250,000 of invested money, and you were counting on that amount to pay you a monthly income. You expected that the money would make no less than 5% per year, and it would throw off $1,042 a month without ever touching the principal. ($250,000 x 5% = $12,500 divided by 12 = $1,041.66 per month.)

But who’s kidding who? In today’s market a 2% return is about average. And inflation is 4% or more. Once again, who’s kidding who?

Build a FlexKom Customer Loyalty Business that generates $1,000 a month in income. Then your business is an equivalent asset to an investment portfolio that gives a return of 2% per year from $600,000!

If your FlexKom Business generated $4,000 income per month, it would be an equivalent asset to a portfolio of $2.4 million dollars that was paying 2% per annum!

Congratulations, Baby Boomer! You just learned how to save your future retirement!!!

Happy Retirement

NEXT STEP: Click RIGHT NOW on OWN YOUR RETIREMENT to learn more and enroll.

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Sour Thoughts from the Police Beat

Things Don’t Work Like They Spoza
by Fred Reed


Fred Reed

(Editor’s Note: Fred talks about how that jury trials are seldom trials of impartial jurors, especially when race is involved. So how about this idea? Choose the judge, bailiff, attorneys and jury members from the race of the defendant. If the defendant is a black guy…everybody from the judge to the court reporter is black. Same for every racial group. No “Person of Color” can bitch about “Whitey” when everybody associated with the trial is the same color as he/she is.)

A cause of this dysfunction is the notion that criminals can “pay their debt to society,” and then be all better, as if crimes were purchases made on a credit card. Say that a marginal human wielding a bolo knife crawls through a window, burglarizes the house, and gets caught and sentenced to five years. He gets out some time later having “paid his debt”—actually the citizenry have paid $20K a year to keep him fed and comfortable. He is now thought to have been cleansed and ready to make a fresh start.

Not a chance.

As any cop can tell you, career criminals commit almost all crime. When Willy Bill gets caught carrying a television out from someone’s window,, you will find, with the absolute certainty one associates with bankruptcy in a Democratic administration, that he has a rap sheet going back to puberty. Two years after getting out for one offense, he will be arrested for another. Normal, civilized people don’t suddenly think, “Gosh, slow day. I guess I’ll do a little burglary.” Either you don’t do it at all, or it’s all you do.

Whenever I covered a guy who stabbed a woman thirty-seven times while robbing her at an ATM, I knew he would prove to be be out on parole for something similar. He always was. Which is why three-strikes-and-you’re-out makes considerable sense, at least for serious crimes: e.g., forcible rape, armed robbery, and ADW, though not for felony shoplifting or peddling grass. You can cage a rattlesnake after it bites someone, but when you let it out, it is still a rattlesnake.

Which brings up to parole and the phoniness of sentencing.

Suppose that a judge gives Willy Bill fifteen years for a bloody robbery. This looks good to the public: Grr, woof, bow-wow. Sternness. But Willy gets time off for good behavior, and a parole-eligibility date in seven years or next Wednesday, whichever come first. The sentence he gets isn’t the sentence he serves. It has to do with crowding in prisons and, I strongly suspect, a desire to make it appear to the public that criminals are being punished when they aren’t much.

Then you have Willy Bill and his parole hearing. Parole boards often consist of gullible citizens with no experience of criminal behavior. Further, Willy is a good con man. He does great repentance-speak. He is All Fixed Now. Nobody produces better sincerity than a psychopath who wants out. It’s forty-weight. You could lube a diesel with it. The parole board bites. Three months later he kills a woman.

Jesus is responsible for much of this mayhem. Prisons churn out conversions to Christ like Hershey’s does chocolate kisses. I once spent a week of work days in the Cook County Jail in Chicago when a friend was head of IAD there. He arranged for me to interview prisoners. I heard a common song: “I done wrong. I know I did. But I found Jesus. He my man now. All I want is serve my savior.”

Sure. Any day now. But it convinces parole boards, some of them anyway. When he gets out, whatever he did, he’ll do again. Within weeks, most likely. He’s doesn´t know how to do anything else. The system rests on the idea that criminals can get better. Mostly they don’t. They can’t.

(Incidentally, if you want a marvelous (I thought, anyway) book about how scams work in the slam, try Games Criminals Play. It’s a hoot.)

Then comes plea-bargaining, a labor-saving device for prosecutors and judges. America is supposed to have trial by jury. It says so in the Constitution we used to have. Actually, something over 90% of cases are pleaded. If ten percent of criminals had a jury trial, the system would stop like a two-dollar watch. Our legal system supposes we are a civilized people, and that such peoples don’t commit a lot of crime. Try that in Detroit, Newark, Camden, Chicago.

Suppose that an urban hairball slingin’ rock on the corner fires seven times at a competitor with a stolen Glock, missing because he has no idea how to shoot. He is arrested for attempting murder, which is exactly what he was attempting. The public defender pleads him down to aggravated assault or malicious jaywalking, or maybe Inappropriate Thought, which is what we pay PDs to do: keep violent felons on the street (which, by the way, they know perfectly well they are doing.). What with time off and a probably stupid parole board that additionally has been told to let people go because the slams are full to bursting, a few years later he’s out and, sure enough, kills….

Then there is drug rehab, a profitable scam that doesn’t work. It is profitable in part because it doesn’t work: a city will pay several times for the rehab of the same addict. Dopers amount to a reusable resource for the rehab racket.

A judge doesn’t want to send an endless stream of crack-heads, scag monkeys, and pill freaks to the slam. There isn’t enough room. Sending them to rehab sounds humanitarian, progressive, and improving. Actually, with very few exceptions, it is useless, as all involved know. I have sat in a police car outside a rehab house in Washington and watched an inmate come out, score, and go back in. The cop I was with did nothing. There was no point in doing anything.

Jury trials are in large part a scam. I don’t have a better idea, but that doesn’t keep them from being scams. To begin with, you are supposed to face an impartial jury. The Foundering Fathers stuck this in so that ordinary citizens wouldn’t be railroaded by kangaroo juries packed with the equivalent of the King’s littermates. It was a perfectly good idea. However, in the racially divided America of today, jurors of another race are unlikely to be impartial. Space aliens would come closer. Think of the passions ignited nationally in the cases of Rodney King, OJ Simpson, and George Zimmerman. The same emotions poison lesser trials that few hear about. Not good.

Another problem is that, except in high-dollar cases with alpha-shysters, juries are sometimes composed of people who weren’t smart enough to avoid jury duty. They can resemble the waiting room in a bus station. People with a Macy’s-Basement IQ simply can’t understand the what is going on. A woman I know was a juror in a civil trial in Washington in which both sides stipulated that sexual harassment was not involved. Despite this, the jury wanted to give the complaintant an award for having been sexually harassed.

Finally, trials are not about truth, justice, and beauty, but about winning. Period. Neither lawyer wants a jury of people who think objectively, as for example twelve physicists. In a rape case, the defense will try to seek a censorious Aunt Polly spinster who will think, “Well, if she went into that awful biker bar in a three-inch miniskirt, she deserves what she got, the trash.” The prosecutor will want a hard-nosed law-and-order type who will think, “If we can’t keep our women safe from this kind of animal, what the hell kind of country are we?”

If that ain’t impartial, I can’t imagine what might be.

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