Finding My Way Home To Galt’s Gulch

by Wendy McElroy

(Editor’s Note: Secession is NOT going to happen in America until AFTER an economic collapse. There will be widespread privation throughout America before things settle down. Perhaps you might consider expatriation NOW, and then possibly returning to a newly seceded nation after the early unpleasantness. Galt’s Gulch sounds awesome. Panama is another great location if you want to be a little closer to the USA. Google “Altos del Maria.”)


Jews who were dispersed across the globe because of government oppression traditionally ended the Passover seder with the phrase, “Next Year in Jerusalem.” It was and is part of commemorating the exodus from Egypt that was led by Moses.

Anyone who loves freedom should raise his glass and make the toast, “This year in Galt’s Gulch Chile.”

Government oppression has arrived like a jackboot and it will become worse before it becomes better. The “worse” is likely to last many years because nations like the United States have a great deal of ruination in them before they collapse; the Soviet Union lasted almost 7 decades. It is now time for a libertarian exodus that will not take you away from your true home, but toward it. Do not wait for years when borders may have closed tightly around your family and all you possess. That is the way of all totalitarian states; they slam borders shut.

My husband and I just signed an option on property in Galt’s Gulch Chile where we intend to build the home in which we will live for the rest of our lives. We have made the emotional commitment to move all we are and the property we treasure to a community in which we believe without reservation.

The prospect frightens both of us even though we know our decision is absolutely correct, and even though the fear is balanced with excitement. We will be leaving everything with which we are comfortable, including a farm we love, in order to plunge into an entirely new life. We will be leaving people for whom we care, not knowing for sure if we will ever see them again. I feel a shadow of how difficult it must have been for my forefathers to depart from Ireland in order to pursue the dream of freedom and the chance to live with dignity. But if my Irish ancestors had not been courageous enough to do so, my brother and I would not exist let alone have the opportunity to live most of our lives in relative liberty.

The emotional difficulty of leaving is one of the main reasons people choose to stay even though they see the tyranny of today and possibility of it becoming very personal tomorrow. Everyone must make the choice to stay or not for himself or herself because everyone’s circumstances differ, including the amount of change they can tolerate. I want to give some background on our decision in order to encourage people to carefully mull over the question. This is unadulterated selfishness on my part because I want you and yours to live in Galt’s Gulch Chile where we can become neighbors and friends.

My husband and I are not rich people, but the land being sold right now is reasonably priced, especially in light of the incredible work being poured into the community by the founders who also intend to live there. It will be a sustainable small town with bee boxes and fiber optics, a lemon grove and an independent source of power, plentiful water and solar energy for those who so choose. The house can be built for a reasonable price as well – certainly for no more than it costs to build one in most parts of North America. Galt’s Gulch Chile welcomes people of varying wealth and ability, asking only for a belief in freedom.

There are a million arrangements to make from disposing of our possessions to legally qualifying for a move to Chile. Half the time I feel overwhelmed. But I also feel young again. My husband said something wonderful to me last night. In speaking of Chile, I was smiling without realizing it. He said, “I haven’t seen you smile in that way for years now. That is your girlish grin.” He added, “if the move does nothing else but bring that look back to your face, it will be well worth it.”

To get past being overpowered by the mechanics of moving, which may take years, I keep Chile in the forefront of my mind. It is the freest nation in South America and it is undergoing an economic boom while the world I know is crumbling a bit more every day. Chile is unusually welcoming to those who can prove they will not be a burden on the system, and children learn English in school because it is considered to be the nation’s second language. I think of the world-class city of Santiago from which we will be one hour’s drive away. Some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen are one hour in the other direction.

There is no question about it; Chile is still a government. But it does not have the imperial ambitions that send its military to conquer and kill, all the while militarizing the society at home. There is no NSA, TSA or many of the most egregious alphabet agencies whose sole purpose is to violate rights.

And, then, there is the community of Galt’s Gulch Chile itself – a community of like-minded people with whom my husband and I can share who we are rather than hide the best parts of ourselves from public view. I have hungered for this all my life. And now it is possible. Now it will happen.

I salute all the new friends we will make in the gulch. I applaud my husband and myself for being brave enough to make the correct decision and not be stopped by mere difficulties. From the bottom of the ideological organ that is my heart, I thank Jeff Berwick, Ken Johnson and all the other team members who have a strong enough vision of freedom to create as close to a pure oasis as I can imagine.

I do not know what will result in the long term from Galt’s Gulch Chile. I do know that wherever free people band together in creativity and good will, remarkable things are bound to ensue. I will be there to witness them and contribute. I will be there because – other than my husband – freedom means more to me than anything else and watching it die in North America has been an incredibly painful experience. That pain will become a memory.

I intend to live a happy and productive life in Galt’s Gulch Chile for many, many years to come because, after all, I am young again. To visit Galt’s Gulch Chile, CLICK HERE.

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10 Responses to Finding My Way Home To Galt’s Gulch

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  2. I posted this on Western Rifle Shooters Association blog in response to a reblog of the above post. Before I repost it here, I want to say good luck on your endeavors and new-found “Freedom”. But remember, Freedom is not Free. We have to fight for it, every, single day. NOTHING we do these days isn’t “watched carefully” and the long, long arm of American Policy can reach out and smite you with a drone or dropping a dime on your bank to close your accounts.

    Here’s my other post:

    I chose both. I’m fighting. And I’m planning flight. Call me a “Flight Risk” if you like… but I’m not hanging around to watch as people are rounded up and put in political prison or murdered.

    And if the chance comes, I WILL make a difference.

    There’s a reason we “preppers” have been “prepping” for so long. It wasn’t because of the eventual fall of the US, FEMA camps (which is BS in my book), or because this President or that wants to be a Monarch. It’s not because we were going to be invaded by the Russians, Chinese, North Koreans or Mexicans (though I admit a LOT are coming in from the South borders…).

    Nope, it was for blizzards, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, and even the errant asteroid. The rest is just gravy now.

    I guess that my last five years have been spent productively. Not collecting food, guns, ammo, bandages, but in downsizing everything, getting rid of every item we don’t need, removing debt, building up cash and other monetary reserves and resources, training, learning and getting “ready” to “go”.

    Go time is here. The last liability I have is on the market and will be sold soon. I’ll join Mr. Bracken “out there” someplace on the oceans, traveling and leaving this crap, politics and the BS generated by the “inside the beltway” people, congress, President, courts, laws, oppressive regulations, lobbyists, Liberals, Socialists, Commies and RINOs.

    It’s time to go. Do NOT step in my way because I will fight and I will hurt you were you least expect to be hurt.

    I’m done.

    Seriously people. If you’re not ready to fight or flee, you’re doomed to repeat history.

    As stated above, on WSRA, Audentes fortuna iuvat (Meaning: Fortune Favors the Bold)– but the Goddess of Fortune is in your own mind, experience and planning; not in luck. The Government can’t GIVE you ANYTHING, but they can take away all.

  3. Richard says:

    Two words: Augusto Pinochet.
    There’s an article about this Chilean demogogue in Wikipedia which may provide a caution to anyone who entertains the idea of living in Chili. It’s a good article with one exception, it states that there isn’t any evidence that the CIA played a part in Pinochet’s 1973 coup d’etat. Believe me, the intelligence community and the US military was there. I know because I was part of it. I was there with the US navy supporting a Seal team. The US intelligence community has heavy ties with the government there to this day. Exercise caution – that’s all I’m saying.
    The Chilean currency is pegged to the US dollar and however the dollar goes so goes the Chilean economy (and the rest of the World Bank I suppose).
    If a hidey hole is what you’re looking for there’s lots in the Alaskan wilderness, the American west, and so on. The best hope, though, is secession from a Federal government gone mad with power. Hide in plain site.
    and that’s just me, hollering from the choir loft…

    • RussLongcore says:

      Richard- no argument from me. EVERY nation has America spies in it. I’m just sayin’ that the expat choice is a valid one…and the exit door may likely slam shut without warning. Getting yourself and your assets out of the country will be impossible then. There is no anarchy heaven on earth. One must do one’s best with the intel you have. Thanks, RDL

    • jay nevard says:

      Given that Mr Pinochet is the reason Chile isn’t a communist hellhole nowadays, you should show him a bit more respect.

      Pinochet never restricted real freedoms.. just the freedom to be a commie jackass.

      • Richard says:

        It is an oxymoron to use the words Pinochet and freedom in the same sentence. A lot of people who opposed Pinochet were buried in walls, including well intentioned young Americans who opposed right wing extremism that is the hallmark of the Chilean administration and American foreign policy.
        The assumption that Pinochet is the reason Chile isn’t communist today fails to acknowledge the support of the US intelligence community and military. I know these things because I was there for the party.
        and that’s just me, hollering from the choir loft..

  4. Veritas says:

    An economic collapse will mean the end of the USA. This is fine with me. The progressives can have a third world hellhole. I just ask that the new America be cut off from these cretins and walls with moats erected to prevent the inflitration of these lossers. Those who go to Chile are just jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

    • RussLongcore says:

      Mr. Veritas- Somewhere back in time, your ancestors got on a boat (likely) and came to America. I don’t know what they were leaving, but they came to a place that THEY perceived as a better place to live. ALL GOVERNMENT IS FORCE. America after an economic collapse could get real shitty. How long does it take to build walls and moats? Get real. How are you going to live until the moat is full? I am entirely OK with relocating to another nation that does not have an “I’m the king of the world!!” complex, and that defines most of the nations of the planet. I encourage you and other readers to do a little study of other countries before you post comments here dogging out other countries. Russ

  5. Boris says:

    What is the point of moving if you still have to pay income taxes? You are still oppressed.

    • RussLongcore says:

      Mr. Boris- Expatriation is always a good idea. Look at all the myriad regulations that do not affect your daily lives if you live abroad. Yes, under Federal law, you still pay taxes on your global income to Uncle. But that may not always exist. I calculate that when the Dollar collapses as world reserve currency, and right behind it the Federal government, your federal tax liability might go away. But just the act of placing your body outside the borders of the USA will likely have positive consequences. At some point, Leviathan may close the borders in an attempt to keep people from leaving. Personally, if I can get myself outside the USA, I will consider income taxes as a cost of doing business to leave. And once you are outside the US, if you can’t find ways to earn cash income that you don’t have to report, you are not very resourceful and probably should have stayed in the US. Cheers, Russ

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