The Frog and the Scorpion: A Psychopath’s Story

By Russell D. Longcore

A frog and a scorpion meet at the water’s edge of a small river. They both want to get to the other side.

“Friend Froggie,” says the scorpion. “You know I cannot swim. How about you give me a ride to the other side of the river?”

“Not a chance!” replied the frog. “You’ll sting me and I’ll die.”

“But Mister Frog, don’t you see? If I sting you while we’re in the water, we’ll both die.” Doesn’t make sense, does it?”

“I suppose not,” said the frog. So the scorpion hopped aboard and the frog entered the river.

About half way across, the scorpion stung the frog.

“What did you do THAT for?” cried the frog. “Now we are both going to drown.”

Said the scorpion, “I couldn’t help myself. IT’S MY NATURE to sting frogs, even if it means my own death.”

The Frog and the scorpion

Just after WWII, Washington made a deal with the Saudi royal family. DC agreed to protect Saudi Arabia from its neighbors under the condition that the Saudis only accept US Dollars as payment for Saudi oil. The other condition was that the Saudis had to park some of their profits in the US by buying up US Treasury bonds.

So the deal was made, and the US Dollar became the world reserve currency for settling international oil transactions. Over time, the nations of the world began using the Dollar to settle other debts, and the Dollar grew in strength and importance.

But in 1971, Richard Nixon de-coupled the US Dollar from gold. By 1974, inflation has begun, and does anyone remember the OPEC oil embargo? That was the first reaction by the oil producers to being tied to fiat Dollars…stung by the DC scorpion…and the price of oil has never been the same since.

Fast-forward 40 years. Over that period of time, there has been no other world currency that had the chance to supplant the Dollar as world reserve. So over the last 40 years, Washington has flooded the earth with its bogus currency. Inflation has become so much a part of life that we all factor in the inflation rate to determine what our net return is when we invest money.

Take this back to our little story. The world cut a deal with Washington to use the Dollar as world reserve currency. But it is not in Washington’s nature to keep the faith. It is not in Washington’s nature to keep its promises. It is not in Washington’s nature to protect property rights, and the most important property right is the value of the Dollar.

However, it IS Washington’s nature to steal, and break promises, and betray others, and NEVER tell the truth, and make war.

Even when stealing, breaking promises, betrayal, lying and war will cause you to lose EVERYTHING…Washington CANNOT change its NATURE.

ALL Washington would have had to do was protect the VALUE of the Dollar and the USA could have reigned the world for a thousand years.

But Washington could not. It HAD to be true to its nature, even if it meant its own death as a nation.

The BRICS nations, led by China, are moving steadily toward the establishment of a new world reserve currency, which will be the Chinese Renminbi. It will be backed once again by gold. The nations of the world will pivot to China seemingly overnight. And once that happens, any person, bank, investor or nation holding US Dollars will experience a monetary collapse that will make the Zimbabwe collapse look like kindergarten.

the frog and the scorpion

I can envision the Beijing government seated at a long table with whichever President of the US is in office, while Beijing trades in its holdings of US Treasuries for the titles and deeds for real property owned by the Federal Government. Like national parks, which is most of the Western states…and other Federal land holdings around the world. And the Chinese, being shrewd negotiators, will dictate fire sale prices for Washington’s property. It will be the quietest, most orderly overthrow of a government in the history of the world.

At that point, after the Dollar has collapsed, Washington will have no money but its own, which nations will be loathe to accept for payment for anything. So DC will be unable to go to war to prevent the Chinese from wresting away the world reserve currency status from the DC Dollar. The United States of America will exist in name only, since DC will have no assets, no money, no gold and no remaining power.

I just hope DC keeps a post office box at a UPS Store so they can get their mail.

Remember the verse in Proverbs 22:7; “the borrower is the servant of the lender.”

TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) doesn’t mean that the Earth somehow gets destroyed. It just means that the AMERICAN world is over, and the Chinese world will emerge. China has been around as a nation for millennia, and the USA didn’t last 250 years.

Let’s see how well China protects the value of the Renminbi. If it does, the wealth of the planet will flow into China.

And, if any US State can secede, and establish a gold-backed money, it will have a chance of a future also.

Secession is the only solution for individual liberty and property rights in North America.

DumpDC. Six Letters That Will Change History.

About RussLongcore

I am an old-school Entrepreneur blazing trails in the new Internet marketing world. I am a professional writer and Marketing Consultant, specializing in a revolutionary Customer Rewards program designed specifically for small business. We actually pay merchants to promote their own business with our product. Promote more, get paid more. Nothing worse in business than to sell something that people want but don't need. Because when a person's budget gets squeezed, the discretionary purchase get dropped. Life-essential services makes my business recession proof. I am in a nationwide talent search for Senior Sales Professionals, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs that would also like a recession-proof business. I hope you will take the time to at least LOOK at our businesses at And in my spare time, I write here at about secession issues while I invent a new nation, the Mythical Free Republic Of North America (FRONA).
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11 Responses to The Frog and the Scorpion: A Psychopath’s Story

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  2. Edge says:

    I suspect that any attempt at secession after the Chinese own all the former Federal lands in that state would not be approved by the new masters. Thus, your best bet is now.

    And I suspect that any who did secede in advance of a Chinese take-over-by- purchase-at-low-low-prices–e.g., northwestern Colorado, or “Jefferson” in northern California–would come under much less subtle assault from their new Chinese neighbors after the fact.

    This won’t end well.

    • RussLongcore says:

      Mr. Edge:

      Secessions will occur in the period right after the Dollar and American economy collapse, and before the Chinese begin scooping up Federal property. Each new nation will have to deal with the disposition of Federal properties within their own boundaries. Some new nations will simply tell DC that the Federal land inside their new nation has now been confiscated. Others will try to make treaties to allow DC to continue owning their lands. I don’t anticipate problems with the Chinese. Russ

  3. Eddy Eagle jr. says:

    Since the government is a title and not a thing, the chinese can take anything the gov’t says and it will be written on disappearing paper. We the people own the united states. The usg no more has the authority to sell US personal property than the obamanistas can sell your dog. The whole world has figured out that the USG, run by the dhimicrats at the bequest of the real power brokers has become nothing more than a polished turd in a punch bowl. But the dems and their communist handlers don’t understand that you can polish a turd until it’s gone, and it’s still a turd in a punchbowl.

    • RussLongcore says:

      Eagles regularly have their heads in the clouds, and you Sir are an eagle of the first water. Your naiveté is breathtaking. There are millions of acres of Federally-owned land in the USA. Creditors get paid. Thanks, Russ

  4. Glenn Jacobs says:

    The Chinese Communists have the bloodiest record of all history, having killed tens of millions of people to solidify their regime.

    They are like the scorpion: It is their NATURE to murder people wholesale.

    They will not be kind masters nor nice neighbors.

    Our Beloved Leaders need to think about this before handing the nation over to them, as history points out that the traitors who betray a nation are usually the first ones murdered by the new masters.

  5. jmurman says:

    Good article and analogy. although if China was smart they would just back off and let us implode.

  6. RICHARD says:

    “Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves. Those who have known freedom and lost it have never known it again.”
    - Ronald Reagan 01/05/67 (46 years ago)
    I have no faith in the integrity of the American people – or their government. The popular focus today is upon government health insurance boondoggles, Hollywood pinheads, holiday sales at the mall, self-serving religion and the almost total lack of a literate citizenry. Representative government whether by Federal edict or secessionist fiat requires a modicum of interest in the common welfare – a thing that simply isn’t there. Not a little and not at all.
    Indications of major paradigm changes have appeared globally over the last few months. Americans for the most part are clearly care-less of them. It has been said that people get the government they deserve. Americans do not deserve anything approaching liberty – Federal, secessionist or otherwise. We simply do not want it.
    Look around you. Do you see calls for liberty or demands for increasing Federalism embracing a police state mentality? When the dollar goes down the drain, the truncheon of rigid Federal oppression will settle upon our necks – and it will only be the beginning. USA is a fascist state. Get used to it. It’s not going anywhere.
    and that’s just me, hollering from the choir loft…

  7. dc.sunsets says:

    It was Nixon, responding to the imminent collapse of the monetary regime prior to 1970 by removing the last vestigial limit on fiat monetary con artistry, that provided the inflection point. In Elliott Wave terms, the Third Wave up (1947 to 1968) was so much fun that people wanted to see it resume no matter how much they had to lie to themselves. This is what Nixon did, he gave people exactly what they wanted, a means to jump-start the old party on the Crystal Methamphetamine of money-from-nowhere credit creation under a fully fiat regime.

    One simply cannot understand what happened these past 43 years without seeing the centrality of that inflection point.

    Inflation is inflation whether it flows into food, energy, commodities, etc., or if it flows into the stocks market and real estate. The inflation of the 1970′s simply switched gears in 1982 and flowed into assets, so people FELT richer and then used the inflation-driven rise in asset values to provide collateral for more credit-driven inflation. As I’ve said, this was a feedback loop without a brake, the old brake (a tenuous connection to gold, but a connection nonetheless) removed by Nixon.

    The world was already partying on excess credit creation and the artificial booms it created, and when sobriety threatened in 1990, 1994 and 1998 (and 2002 and 2009) the fix was for central banks to step in and make even more credit available. They didn’t do this in a vacuum; it was not time for the revelers to desire sobriety. Fiat money left them without a sense that the party was killing them, so instead of realizing they had a problem and seeking sobriety even if the hangover built into the program would be vicious, they phoned the drug dealer (Central Bankers) and had Crystal Meth (credit) delivered.

    “Hyperinflationists” are stuck looking at currency debasement from the view of the FOREX market (currency pair speculation.) This is shortsighted. Monetary debasement’s main effect is to destroy every dollar of savings…but not today’s debasement destroying today’s savings…oh no, that would be too easy, every dollar debased today destroys dollars saved every year since the founding of the dollar system. It is the greatest smash of people’s savings in history, as though Caesar can, having decided to clip some coins, reach into the pockets of every person with a coin and clip each and every one without anyone noticing they’ve been robbed by the Ruler. Every buried coin, every coin sunk by Poseidon and resting in 100 fathoms of water, still “clipped” by Caesar and then Caesar gets to spend all that gold he stole and resume the process the next day.

    A fiat-money regime allowed monetary aggregates to grow to literally astronomical proportion simply because people have no mechanical experience with measures used in astronomy. Very few people have even SEEN a pile of 100 dollar bills four inches tall (How much is that, you might ask? That’s about $100,000 because US currency is about 250 pieces of paper per inch), so can you imagine anyone having any idea what a BILLION dollars looks like? How about a TRILLION? How about 1 quadrillion (which is a little less than the entire derivatives market today)?

    The fun part of this is that when the Crystal Meth Credit can no longer cause the party to continue to rise exponentially, the spell will be broken.

    It is that inversion that will allow people to collectively, socially see the disconnect between what really exists and all those monetary claims on it. This will not be a conscious decision, any more than was the real reason the brake was removed in 1971. These processes are spontaneous and clearly the result of endogenous forces, a part of human nature we frankly do not understand (and which Elliott discovered and Prechter has developed, albeit they remain extremely crude models for which there is much to elucidate).

    The ocean of all that money will drain, but like the debasement of money that occurred before, it will employ a paradox.

    If debasing the dollar was like the rulers reaching into your pocket to clip the coins there while you slept, deflation in a fiat-regime credit bust is like your coins simply turned to mist and evaporated in your pocket while you slept.

    You went to sleep with 10 coins and woke up the next day with 9…then 7…then 3….then 1. People can’t imagine this because they hold the wrong analogy in their minds. They see Wiemar Germany and wheel barrows. I see 1930-32 where money went into the Roach Motel Bank and Trust and NEVER CAME BACK OUT.

    In 1933 it was gold on deposit that was taken. Ironically, this time it will be “dollars deposited” that won’t come back out. This is so paradoxical that I bet not one in half a million people can imagine it.

    But in truth, NO ONE HAS THE COINS in their pockets. The “coins” are all accounting entries on a ledger somewhere. No one has wheel barrows of cash. As I stated early, no one knows what even $5,000 in 20′s or 100′s looks like. Most people couldn’t even fill the gas tank of their SUV once if the credit card didn’t authorize, the ATM was turned off and their check wouldn’t clear.

    Instead, people have debt. They NEED money to service it. If they don’t service it and it defaults, all that debt is someone else’s MONEY. Do you see the irony of all this? If there was a “debt jubilee” it would be the biggest monetary collapse in human history. This is why fiat (debt-based) money is a mutual suicide pact. The Ultimate Bust is baked into it.

    When the bust occurs and all that “money” they think they can access evaporates, the surviving money will become continuously MORE valuable as people become desperate to find it. They’ll sell everything that’s not nailed down, collapsing the prices for everything that now is held aloft by Crystal Meth Credit, including stocks, bonds, real estate, gold, silver, commodities, energy, medical services, and everything else I can think of (there may be special cases that don’t apply, but even guns and ammo exist in vast stores in people’s basements and they’ll bring that to auction, too, when the bills come due.)

    Maybe I’ll be wrong. Maybe I really am just Joe Ignorant in Flyover USA whose convictions are based on a foundation of sandy premises. But when I examine what HAS happened I reach conclusions different from those like Faber. If my analysis of what HAS happened is correct (and theirs is wrong) then my assumptions about what must follow have a better chance of being right than do theirs.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I hate our bastardized monetary regime. I hate politicized money. I long for a hard money regime that exists outside the control of the state.

    I will become a gold bug when the time is right. I just don’t think that time has arrived yet.

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