Red Dawn and the New Dawn

by Bill Buppert

(Editor’s Note: I have always been drawn to the Sun Tsu ways of war. Deception comes first. And it seems to me that the best way to be a 4th Generation warrior is to shut the hell up about it. Posting photos of you holding your guns, or photos of your gun collection, or showing yourself all in camouflage gear, or writing about what you’ll do when the Shit Hits The Fan…are flights of fancy and trumpeting egos. Why give away your strength or weakness willingly? Wouldn’t it be better to be the silent warrior that is a master of concealment, who knows how to shoot from cover with long-distance accuracy? Maybe it’s just me. I would rather be a sniper than a guy taking orders so I can be cannon fodder. But to each his own…)

I just got finished watching the older movie, Red Dawn, the other day and it struck me how out of touch modern American teenagers are to the protagonists in the film. I get it, the film is an homage to hyperbolic patriotism in the fight against a foreign invasion as unlikely as the scenario could be even in the heyday of US-USSR global bipolar disorder.

Red Dawn

With dozens acknowledged insurgencies world-wide and realistically hundreds in reality (there are an estimated three hundred in India alone), these partisan scenarios played out against internecine rivalries for power within or around various nation-states are ubiquitous and overwhelmingly a young man’s endeavor ranging from the pre-pubescent fighters in the Lords Resistance Army to the twenty and thirty-somethings that made up the bulk of the fighters in Northern Ireland, Chechnya and Afghanistan among the innumerable ranks of trigger pullers battling for some cause world-wide.

But I have to wonder just how fit the modern American teenager is for this kind of fighting whether initiated by a foreign invasion or the far more likely notion of battling a brutal and repressive regime from DC visited against its own citizens resisting the increasingly totalitarian notions of Potomac America where freedom demands a license and laws are so legion that one can’t walk through a day without violating some obscure Federal statute.

America’s youth seem to be fatally tethered to a need for information which has become so addictive that it is hard to pry one’s children from the phones and computers that shadow, if not dominate, their every waking minute and hour. One would think that a forward-looking mind that has access to the greatest store of knowledge ever in human civilization would render a new golden age peopled by superior thinkers, new inventions and new areas of cognition that would propel us forward into a brightly lit future of unlimited potential.

Not so much.

If we were to harness the endless dithering about bowel movements or online gaming marathons and turn it into energy, we would have no need of any other terrestrial fuels to light up the planet. I remember talking to one shambling shibboleth of sloth who told me in five years of gaming World of Warcraft, he logged an entire human year playing. A year! Good Gods.

This electronic renaissance has accomplished just the opposite, it has ushered in the most lethal and effective device yet known to man to harness every man to a feudal state of being and every woman to the notion that her sin qua non is theincessant broadcasting of her most banal daily activities and constant concern for the appearance of her photographic life on the wall of various virtual town halls where immediate satisfaction and the sharing of formerly idiotic behavior is the hallmark of a fulfilling life.

No state or government could have engineered such an ingenious device to enslave minds and distract humans from doing anything but…dithering. Shut off the internet connection at any government facility with the armies of drones shuffling virtual paper from one inbox to another and the exodus from the physical facilities are amazing to behold.

Given the nature of this transformation from homo sapiens to homo insipid, we see an evolution toward shiftlessness and servitude, not advancement of knowledge and the pursuit of ever more productive ways to serve our fellow man in the market.

These are not the qualities of fighters. As much as the mall ninjas and violent gamers like to brag about skills, when the shots ring out and they are zombified in their haze of Condition White, they will be nothing more than targets playing the age-old game of whack-a-mole that has been littering battle zones with corpses for centuries.

As Heraclitus taught us two and a half millennia ago:

” Of every One-Hundred men, Ten shouldn’t even be there,
Eighty are nothing but targets,
Nine are real fighters…
We are lucky to have them…They make the battle,
Ah, but the One, One of them is a Warrior…
and He will bring the others back.”

There are southern and inland western youth in America who still hunt, shoot and otherwise pay homage to the martial arts (beyond the repetitious Asian arts that play at defense and fail in the end with the honorable exception of Krav Maga and Haganah). The subculture of the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) practitioners and their fans encourage me but an increasingly large slice of that following are falling into the silly hero-worship and geeky fandom of professional wrestling. There certainly is a tactical sub-culture in the US but the majority are kit-geeks who collect more than perfect and manufacturers are making a sizable profit in sales for the largest waist size in “operator” pants outside of Mexico [I know from personal experience the tactical obesity of Mexican constabulary and armed forces].

Look around, not only are Americans obese and out of shape; they take pride in their lack of self-sufficiency and American teenagers are rarely unconnected unless forced to do so.

Their primary predilection in their waking hours is the addictive updating of the most unremarkable features of what passes for their existence. They read but they don’t read books nor do they take the time to do what is the most basic first step in cognition and reflection, stand still, concentrate and think. War-game solution sets, extrapolate outcomes and puzzle out second and third order effects.

It is not happening and it may form a fatal national amnesia that will make them putty in the hands of any political opportunist who can readily manipulate an unreflective people whose notion of virtue is learned not from Socrates and Seneca but Jersey Shore and JZ.

They cannot defend themselves much less fight for a virtuous course that will put their safety (or internet connection) in the hazard. No invasion is necessary because the surrender has already occurred.

Teach your children well.



Bill Buppert lives with his family in the High Desert of the Southwestern USA.

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12 Responses to Red Dawn and the New Dawn

  1. E. W. Sumner says:

    What do you expect Russ, when anytime a kid picks up a gun, government, the media, pansy parents and faggoty friends all have a flaming flurry of vaginal queasiness. For God’s sake man, a 13 year old was just gunned down by two cops in Mexifornia the other day for playing with a damned airsoft gun. These kids are being turned into little fairies by the Unconstitutionalists day by day. Bring a tiny gun shaped key-fob to school, get suspended. Make a finger-gun, get suspended. Wear a t-shirt with a gun on it, get suspended. Add to that, the major cases of Internet Badass Syndrome, cyber bullying, and literal bullying out here that send our children running to Mommy or Teacher instead of sticking up for themselves, or even worse, drive them to suicide because they’ve never been taught to defend themselves against such people.

    • RussLongcore says:

      Mr. Sumner – Then send little Johnny and Suzie home to play violent video games, watch movies with gunplay, and watch their favorite TV drama, where all the heroes on CSI and every other cop show are all packing heat and there is gunplay in EVERY episode. Wonder if the children notice the obvious philosophical differences. Thanks, Russ

      • E. W. Sumner says:

        Methinks you miss the point Russell. When you and I were kids, we played with toy guns, GI Joes, toy tanks, etc. Nobody thought a thing of it. We were (chances are) out there every day playing something, be it baseball, football, army etc. We were outside and using our imagination. The TV had its shoot em ups in our day. There was COMBAT! with Vic Morrow, and dozens of other adventure/military type shows. World War 2 and Korea were fresh in our minds and of course that new war, what was it called… Oh yeah, Vietnam. Were people running around blasting the living crap out of each other then? Were the kids stabbing and shooting each other in school? No. What’s the missing ingredient? You’re an intelligent man. Figure it out.

        • RussLongcore says:

          I did not miss the point. I already have it figured out. Thanks, Russ

          • E. W. Sumner says:

            Somehow, I doubt that. I thought you were a conservative. You must be a liberal, Sorry for the mistake.

          • RussLongcore says:

            Mr. Sumner- You have highly insulted me by calling me a conservative. I have written two articles found in the Archive. 1. Conservatives…Aren’t. 2. What Are Liberals Liberal About? Both groups want big government and are not shy about trading off the checkbook every so often. I am an unflagging Anarchist and Seditionist. I desire the absolute least amount of government by force that can be created by the minds of man. To that end, I have created the Free Republic of North America, a mythical new nation borne of secession. FRONA could work and work nicely. But I also contend that FRONA is likely far too free for conservatives and liberals to live in. Far too much liberty and responsibility. You, Mr. Sumner, would probably not like FRONA.

            Next time you insult me like that, I shall be compelled to slap your face with my gauntlet, and we shall duel at twenty paces. Cheers, Russ

          • E. W. Sumner says:

            ROFL. Anarchist I’m not. Seditionist, no. Secessionist absolutely. Even the Bible tells us that unless two can agree, they can’t walk together. It’s been high time for the People to divorce themselves from their pervert loving God hating big government and go back to the teaching of the Founders.

          • RussLongcore says:

            Yes, but I contend that those who wrote and signed the US Constitution cannot be trusted, since it is they who overthrew the Articles of Confederation to create a strong central government. The true Founders are those who wrote the A of C. And in a seceded state, a constitution does not need ANY of the articles related to states, since the new seceded nation is a nation like France or Germany or Brazil. A confederation is not necessary. Russ

          • E. W. Sumner says:

            The Founders didn’t create a large central government. They created checks and balances to PREVENT it, but as men have become more and more morally corrupt over time, those checks and balances have been ignored or over-ridden. I’m all for original intent.

          • RussLongcore says:

            EW: I said they created a STRONG central government. There was no compelling need to trash the Articles of Confederation. The A of C was maintaining the sovereignty of each nation/state. Remember that Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine refused to have anything to do with the new Constitution. That should tell you something. Russ

          • E. W. Sumner says:

            It tells me that they were wrong. The Constitution is fine. The problem doesn’t lie with the Constitution, but with the American PEOPLE. When we honored God, the Constitution worked fine. “The Constitution is for a moral and religious people,” Washington said.

          • RussLongcore says:

            Mr. Sumner- I’m glad you come back here again and again, but you are still very deluded about the Constitution. Perhaps you should read the Lysander Spooner book that we feature on the homepage. Once you’ve read it, I’ll be happy to re-engage you in conversation. Russ

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