Veterans Day: Freedom Is Not Free

veterans day

Today, November 11th, is Veterans Day. It is not to be confused with Memorial Day, which was begun as Decoration Day by families of the Confederate States of America as they decorated the graves of their soldiers who died in the War of Northern Aggression. Veterans Day coincides with Armistice Day, which was the day that hostilities ceased in WWI…the 11th day of the 11th month of the year 1918.

Today Americans are supposed to honor all veterans who have “served” in all branches of the US Military. But do all veterans DESERVE honor? All “service” is not equal.

Today, you will see and hear people make comments like: “Tell a veteran ‘thank you’ for the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.” Sounds so right…so patriotic…so sincere…and yet it is MOSTLY WRONG.

The “freedoms” that are enjoyed by Americans are not being won or protected by American military personnel flung across the world in over 130 nations. Troops on the ground in Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan are not keeping Americans free. To say so is a bald-faced lie.

In Article I, Section 8, The US Constitution gives the power to declare war to the Congress. Once war is declared, the Executive (President) is given the power to prosecute the war. But Section 8 also restricts funding for an army to two years. Read it for yourself.

The veterans of the War of First Secession…otherwise known as the Revolutionary War, did indeed defeat King George and his Redcoats to win our freedom from the British Crown. Those veterans should be lauded today.

The veterans of the War of 1812, in which the US was attacked on its soil by the British, and Congress declared war, are eligible to be honored today.

The veterans of the Confederate States of America in the War of Second Secession…otherwise known as the Civil War…are eligible to be honored today. They were fighting a war to defeat the armies of another sovereign nation that attacked them on their own soil. The Civil War veterans of the USA were the aggressors, not fighting to defend their own nation from attack, and in my mind are not worthy of approbation.

The veterans of both WWI and WWII may be honored today because they fought in Constitutionally-declared wars. It can be argued that the USA had no business entering either war, since our nation was not under siege. But Congress did its job in both instances, and Americans fought the wars the politicians started.

As an aside…haven’t you ever wondered why the Japanese did ONLY ONE air attack on Hawaii on December 7, 1941? ONE? No troops on the ground, no follow up attacks? Does that sound like the way the Japanese fought THE REST of the Pacific war? It sounds to me like a ploy. History lately revealed shows that the FDR gang knew what the Japanese were going to do in advance of December 7th. But I digress…

But think of all the military actions and wars that Washington has started or participated in around the globe since the end of WWII. Not one of those military adventures was a Constitutionally-declared war, and hundreds of thousands of Americans died in combat or died from their wounds at a later time.

Should Americans who served in the military and deployed to foreign lands, to fight undeclared wars for the purpose of advancing Washington’s foreign policy agenda, be honored on Veterans Day?

Washington says that its wars are fought to protect American interests. But is “protecting American interests” a legitimate Constitutional justification for war? I contend that it is not.

Therefore, the honor that I bestow upon American veterans today will be confined to the veterans of the Revolutionary War, The War of 1812 and the Confederate soldiers of the Civil War. If there is anything that exists that is defined by the term “a JUST war,” it is only these three examples of military service.

In ONLY TWO INSTANCES since 1776 has the American military been called upon to defend the United States from invasion. All other wars have been misadventures of the DC politicians.

So, thanks to the veterans of 1776, 1812 and the CSA vets of 1865. You are truly heroes who fought to defend your nation and protect the freedoms of the people.

All of the military veterans now still alive should search their own consciences deeply and realize that they are…and were…merely paid assassins for a criminal political enterprise headquartered in Washington DC and known around the world as The United States of America.

There may come a time very soon in which a new nation, freshly borne from secession from the United States, may have to take up arms to defend its borders from Washington’s military. And after the new nation defeats the aggressor, the new nation will likely choose a day of its own to honor those that truly fought to defend its freedoms. A new Veterans Day with new significance will be an annual reminder that “freedom isn’t free.”

DumpDC. Six Letters That Will Change History.

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6 Responses to Veterans Day: Freedom Is Not Free

  1. E. W. Sumner says:

    Since we were attacked in WW 2, those men who fought deserve honor as well. In WW 1, we didn’t even get involved until the sinking of the Lusitania. still, again, WE were attacked, so those men also deserve our honor.

    With Korea, Vietnam and those conflicts after WW 2, you are most technically correct. But then my friend, technicalities are also what gets criminals freed at times. Just because the leadership of the country put those men into harm’s way by some perhaps less than honorable scheme, are they any less brave? Are they any less American? Methinks not. We honor the bravery and dedication and sacrifice of those men who served, not the political machinations of the leaderships who sent them.

    • RussLongcore says:

      Really Mr. sumner- FDR goaded the Japanese into the attack. And Luisitania’s holds were FULL of war materiel. Wilson goaded THAT attack also. But no foreign troops hit the beach heads of our nation. Americans fighting in Europe or Asia are not protecting hearth and home.

      I never mentioned anything about bravery or valor. But who applauds an assassin when he is brave? Who honors the Mafia button men when they protect each other?

      The degree to which any soldier is America is irrelevant. I will not honor men who obeyed the orders of criminals. They had the free will to refuse military service. And don’t get me started on whether Christians should have served in the military. Christian soldiers are mercenary whores. Russ

      • RussLongcore says:

        Mr. Sumner- I am delighted to honor your request to block your mindless rambling from our Comments here. I’m sure you’ll still visit, but at least my readers won’t have to endure your bleating repetition of the public school history books. Goodbye and good luck. Russ

  2. Roger Young says:

    No soldier slave ever “served” me.
    Waitresses serve me. My plumber serves me. Netflix serves me. Discount Tire serves me. Waffle House serves me. The market down the street that sells organic, super jumbo sized chicken eggs for a mere 20 cents a piece, serves me.
    Soldier boys serve the ruling class and the central bankers.
    When any of these soldier boys object to this opinion, I ask them, “Who gives you your orders?”
    When has ANY soldier boy followed MY orders? For years I’ve pleaded that they drop their weapons and rejoin the human race. But I’ve yet to see one follow those orders.
    How can you “serve” someone when you don’t do what you order or request?

  3. Chris Mallory says:

    My usual response to the “protect our freedoms…..blah blah blah” statement is to say that the last time American troops fought to defend American freedoms, their uniforms were gray and they lost the war.

  4. RICHARD says:

    Good article – except for references to the Constitution. You know, the obsolete legal document that was discarded on Oct. 26, 2001 by an act of congress called the Patriot Act?
    Justification for war was removed from congress at its own discretion when the National Security Act went into force in 1948. That was the same law that established the C.I.A. one of the world’s finest intelligence agencies until it was militarized in the late 1970′s, but I digress.
    The logical disconnect between fact and patriotic fantasy continues to elude my understanding. Whatever happened to one of the most literate nations on the planet? Did we all suddenly lose our collective minds?
    and that’s just me, hollering from the choir loft…

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